About Marshall


This blog will have a mix of creative pursuits where my thoughts about design relate to my jewelry, collecting, bench organization, proprietary jigs and tools, studio processes and marketing. Please click on a topic listed under Categories for a shortcut to posts.

I enjoy reading, working on my property, drawing, designing, fabricating and cooking.

“What else do you do?” Here is a short list: property manager, carpenter, dog trainer, architect/client-site liaison, plumber, fence installer, mechanic, student, yard maintainer, painter, jewelry designer, bike rider, inventor, book collector, crew manager, concrete pour observer, sailor, hunter-gatherer, operations supervisor, beach comber and star-gazer.

Please leave comments and feel free to email me.



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How can I contact Marshall?

Click  Contact me!


I use PayPal for credit card purchases and shipping (integrated in PayPal merchant services). UPS is available – Contact me!

USPS Priority shipping insured with delivery confirmation in continental US is included in the price regardless of quantity. The prices asked for tools are generally below market as my intent is to reduce and release items I’m not using. If you purchase more than one item they will be shipped in one package.

Most tools and heavy items will be packed in solid Styrofoam blocks. Smaller items including jewelry will be in zip-lock envelopes rolled in sheet foam.

If you live outside the continental US and would like to buy one of the items then Contact me! I will let you know the additional shipping cost. I have completed sales to Canada and Australia – it just takes a couple of emails and adjusted billing on PayPal to complete the transaction. I will remove the PayPal button on the item in the blog to prevent unintentional sale to someone else while we are working out the details and payment.

If you have other shipping questions or preferences then Contact me!

Why do you have all of this stuff and why don’t you use it?

The short answer is at one time I imagined having a large studio with more than one person (me) working on my designs. In reality, this is not what I really want. If you study the history of silver/metalsmithing you learn many artists have produced a lifetime of work with very few tools and resources. I quickly slowly realized having more than I need does not save time and just gets in the way.

Why don’t you just sell this stuff on eBay?

I don’t want to for several reasons. Been there done that, for starters, and the goofball ratio is much lower here. Also, you are reading this here not at eBay, so – I have, at least, your attention due to search engine design and my published blog. I may offer books on Amazon, we’ll see. Enjoy your stay and let me know if you have any comments. I am working through inventory of my present work; excess tools, books, materials and other jewelry related items. New designs are in progress and will begin appearing by February. Also, I am selfish and I want you here 🙂 17 July, 2014 – From time to time folks ask for a lower price. I haven’t stumbled into this from a dark room. The price marked is fair by my standards and this is not a bazaar nor is it an auction.

The tool, stake, hammer, etc I want is marked “sold” – why do you leave these posts up on the blog? I’m confused.

Well, some of the tools are not common and/or they are hard to find for sale used on the internet. The blog entries with tools sold serve as data for others searching for values, types, general information and so on. Now where is the box with the snaggling irons?

(February 3, 2013) Okay, apparently the paragraph above is not clear. If the item is marked “sold” and there is no paypal link then I will not have another. There is no secret stash, backroom, or supply house. I’m selling used items I may have purchased last year at a garage sale or in 1983 at an auction or in 1995 while walking through a dusty flea market outside of Albuquerque or Santa Fe or some rockhead’s stall at an AZ rock/gem show. Please, do not email and ask if I have a “sold” item, instead, re-read the paragraph above.

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