Melting down 3 lbs of inventory…

The other day I looked at new sketches and drawings of designs I’ve made and began to draft a Gantt chart to begin work. While setting up a small casting in delft clay I looked at the trays full of old inventory from festival shows going back to 1993. I became underwhelmed.

The original plan was to sort, finish, polish, re-work, etc over three pounds of bracelets, rings, earrings, belt buckles, work-in-progress to jump-start a web storefront. The problem with the plan is it’s a continuation of the old work I didn’t like and the inventory in its present form represents a psychological ball and chain. So, why mess with it at all? Except, maybe, to melt it down(link to short youtube video).

The deep pitting on my ingots is from using charcoal briquettes ground through a cheese grater for ingot mold release/flux sprinkles before/after pour.