Chasing repousse silversmith tools 20 pieces with oak base set 2 Barn Fresh undressed SOLD

For sale – Set of tools/punches used for repousee or chasing work on metal

This set is comparable to other 20 piece sets offered by many jewelry supply outlets (RG $160, C $159, OF $187.95, etc). I purchased this marked set from US Army-Ft. Sill, OK when they closed the art center on base in the mid 90’s.  This set was pulled from my warehouse after being stored for more than 10 years and is in “Barn Fresh” condition. The set is NOT cleaned and polished and has a haze of surface oxidation. I would bet you a dollar these have never been hit with a hammer. The ends have the band saw kerf marks from the time they were cut from stock. See for yourself (typical image above).

A perfect opportunity to dress/alter tools to your particular style and needs and save money. Images are of this set offered for sale and are not stock images. Included is an oak base.

$75 for one 20 piece set chasing tools with oak base.

USPS Priority shipping insured with delivery confirmation in continental US is included in the price.

SOLD 5-23-2012

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