Dixon Grobet metalsmith silversmith stakes 90 18 19 25 sold

#’s 18, 19, and 25  – incredible price!  All four items for less than retail on stake #25 Buy together or any combination. USPS Priority shipping insured with delivery confirmation in continental US is included in the price.

#18 $50 sold

#19 $65 sold

#25 $60 sold

# 90 $30 sold

I purchased these from US Army-Ft. Sill, OK when they closed the art center on base in the mid 90′s.  These are cleaned and polished ready to use or for you to dress/alter tools to your particular style and needs. Stake #25 shows firescale from casting – does not/has not affected any forming work. Images are of this set offered for sale and are not stock images.

Any questions, comments or offers please contact me.

Thanks, Marshall

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