Dixon Grobet metalsmith silversmith T stake cowtongue for sale (#8#9 sold)

#’s 8 and 9 sold – less than half price!  Buy one or both. USPS Priority shipping insured with delivery confirmation in continental US is included in the price.

These are the so-called cowtongue T stakes. #8 is swept up at the tongue end and has a flat anvil surface with angled sides. The #9 has a curved top with radius sides and a small edge at the end – slight round inverted rocker (retail $314). The #8 is hard to find and is great because of the flat surface in addition to the tongue end – more shapes, angles and use with sheet. The #8 is barn fresh. I have not cleaned nor have I dressed it since unpacking and it is not finished to a polish. This unpolished style is preferred by some smiths as the stake surface does not allow the work piece to move when struck while rough forming. You are free to clean, dress and polish for your style. They are sold “as is”. Either of these can be installed in a nice tree stump if you do not have a large vise or anvil or they can be fitted in the #88 stakeholder I have for sale on another post.

Dixon Stake #08 $149 SOLD

Dixon Stake  #09 SOLD

Any questions, comments or offers please contact me.

Thanks, Marshall

2 thoughts on “Dixon Grobet metalsmith silversmith T stake cowtongue for sale (#8#9 sold)

  1. Hi I would like to buy the #8 stake, but am wondering about shipping costs to Sydney Australia. I’m not sure where you are located as your site does not say.

    • Hi GK, The extra charge is $33 us (I have $12 built into price on this item for US shipping charges) and time shipping is 6-10 days priority us mail. BTW, I’m in central Oklahoma. Click “contact me” link on header of blog page and I can send you a Paypal link with all charges factored. I sent a PP link with total. You may use your credit card if you do not have a PP acct. Thanks, Marshall

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